Marketing strategy workshop


With ALSO's expert marketing team, end user data and broad industry experience, we can help you develop a strong marketing strategy with clear and realistic KPI's - ensuring that you get the highest possible ROI from your marketing budget.

First we review your current marketing strategy, customer segments and revenue streams. From here we develop a one-year marketing strategy that aligns with overall strategy and growth plans, and takes your respective resources into considerations.

The workshop will result in:

  • Better knowledge of your customer segments, including their preferred channels and media use.
  • A marketing plan, with clear KPI’s.
  • Identification of the resources required for execution (e.g. project management and administration)
  • Guidance on how you include your brand identity into all of marketing activities, and secure a clear messaging.
Price:15.000 DKK 4 500 NOK 3 700 SEK

The workshop includes:

  • Former assessment of your strategy, brand identity and potential growth areas.
  • Half-day workshop with two marketing managers.
  • Pre-made analysis of your KPI's and customer segments.
  • One-year marketing strategy, including a ready to use action-plan.

Contact for booking:
Phone:+45 4355 8888 +45 27295166 / +45 31470071 +47 33 44 95 00 +46 (0)8 633 90 00

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