Returning campaign


At the end of each quarter you, as a vendor, have the opportunity to participate in an ALSO facilitated campaign.

A campaign enables you to customize a message of your own choice to all ALSO’s resellers. With a campaign you have several options whether your target is to promote a new product, introduce a loyalty program or increase sales with a growth campaign. Every campaign contains a campaign site (landing page) and a spot in ALSO’s campaign universe. As add-ons you can choose both banners at ALSO’s web shop, advertisement in ALSO's newsletter, implementation of gamification elements and other options.

Prices from:5.000 DKK
Price upon request

  • Christmas campaign
  • Black week
  • Spring campaign
  • Summer campaign

Contact for booking:
Phone:+45 4355 8888 +47 33 44 95 00 +46 (0)8 633 90 00
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With exhaustive experience getting most ROI out of campaign activities in the business, ALSO's marketing team can guide on what kind of initiatives make sense for you. 
Contact us and let us find a solution together.


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