We offer telemarketing as a lead-generating service. Let us analyse your potential new customers through exhaustive research and our grand reseller database. Then we use telemarketing to determine which of the potential leads are mature enough for a conversion - and pass those leads of to our partners.

We do the work - you get the leads.

Price:4 500 NOK 3 700 SEK
Contact us for pricing - we will find a solution that fits your campaign goals.

  • Overview of reseller growth
  • Motivational comparable view featuring all resellers in the growth campaign
  • With exhaustive go-to-market activities that will make resellers both technical- and sales experts in the respective campaign products
  • Analysis of campaign goals, and possible new customer segments
  • Analysis of customer segments with most potential to growth
  • Data analysis and campaign reports

Contact for booking:
Phone:+45 4355 8888 +45 4355 8888 +47 33 44 95 00 +46 (0)8 633 90 00

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