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'Recommended products' is a great marketing tool for upselling relevant components, and improving your customers' service experience.

ALSO's cloud marketplace is rapidly rising in popularity, following the continuing growth in marketshare belonging to cloud products within the IT industry. Marketing on ALSO's cloud platform, is therefore a great ROI opportunity for many vendors.

Price:1.000 DKK 1 350 NOK 3 700 SEK
The price for a product featured in 'recommended products' is per month

  • Upsell relevant accessories and products
  • Secure the highest possible outcome from each sale
  • Give your customers an extra service, by recommending them useful components

Contact for booking:
Phone:+45 4355 8888 +45 4355 8888 +47 33 44 95 00 +46 (0)8 633 90 00
Acquisitions and additional information

ALSO's cloud marketplace is especially an attractive marketing platform for ISVs trying to create a strong brand identity in the industry. ALSO therefore offers following acquisitions for ISVs:

Frontpage banner for a week + one product featured as 'recommended products' for a month

2.000 DKK

Please contact us for any enquiries, or if your marketing needs do not fit any of the suggested solutions. Marketing is all about understanding the brand, goal and target group - we are therefore always able to customize according to those.

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